BARTOLI BRUNO The company was founded in 1961, it was transformed in 1985 into

BARTOLI BRUNO & SON SNC and subsequently changed its name to


Consequently, the experience gained over the years, the company is able to

face any kind of recovery and restoration construction industry: from simple painting and painting, to

recoveries of stone and wood, until the restoration and renovation of existing plants or decorative required.
The company employs a workforce composed of specialized staff, as well as the collaboration

craftsmen and professionals of the sector and is sensitive to updates and improvements, as

Concerning the training of young employees.

The work, carried out on buildings of artistic and historical value, not only are visible evidence of

good work done by itself.

Among the works carried out by the company will list some of the most significant:

- Parts achitettoniche sandstone and wooden coffered ceilings
Bagnesi Palace - Florence
Private customer: Fiorentina Gas SpA

- Recovery existing wooden gallery, restoration of architectural parts stone.
Vicchiomaggio-op. Greve in Chianti - Fi
Private customer

- Kiosk, pilasters and Serena stone arch of the Chapel of St. Eufrosino, Capitelli over
       dell'abside, treatment of the plaster.
Church of St. Leolino-loc. Panzano Greve in Chianti - Florence
Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Frames in plaster, wall paintings in the lobby
Rome Hotels-Piazza S. Maria Novella - Florence
Private clients

- Material and ceilings decorated stone.
Private home in St. Michael Monteripaldi - Fi
Private bodies.

- Material stone
Torrino S. Niccolò - Florence
Customer privacy and SBAA Florence

- Parts stone ceilings and a chest of drawers
Cicognini Palace - Prato --
Private customer.

- Restoration complete facades are rich in architectural parts
Recovery and restoration original faux marble
Pagani Nefetti palace - Fi -
Private customer.

- Restoration of facades and cornices in plaster restoration and interior frescoes.
Camerata Villa-aig-Fi -
Private customer.

- Recovery stone internally and externally.
Church of Ostina - Florence
Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Restoration of the interior plaster, frescos and stone
   the nave and transepts side.
Church of Badia a Coltibuono - Florence
Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole

- Interior Decor prospectuses.
Church of St. Lorenzo in Battifolle - Florence
Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Restoration ceilings decorated like in origin.
Church of St. Michele Dudda - Florence
Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Stone restoration and conservation
   St. Agatha Church in Arsoli - Reggello - Florence
   Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Restoration and recovery prospects restoration-interior decoration, organ and gallery
   Holy Cross Church in Pine - Florence
   Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Retrieving and integrating existing plasters, materials recovery and restoration stone
   Borgo S. Donato Church at Hill - Castel S. Niccolò - Arezzo
   Commissioning Diocese of Fiesole.

- Reconstruction and execution facility decorative ceiling main hall,
   enforcement center decorated
   Convitto Church Street S.Leonardo-Florence.
Commissioning Ass prev: Sac. Tuscany - Convitto Ecclesiastical.

- Integration and grouting dell'architrave central portal
   Duomo di Siena-Siena.
Maura commissioning Masini - Restoration and conservation works of art.

- Coatings and internal enforcement of Greek.
Collegiata S. Gimignano - Siena.
Private bodies.

- Restoration of internal and external plastering and subsequent coatings,
    recovery and restoration stone facade "Istoria".
Villa Luiano - Florence.
Private bodies.